David G. Hartwell, 1941-2016

Tom Whitmore correctly says “He was one of the true giants of the field.”

David G. Hartwell with Gene Wolfe at the 2002 World Fantasy Convention in Minneapolsi

David G. Hartwell with Gene Wolfe at the 2002 World Fantasy Convention in Minneapolis

The cat is an elegant creature


Book cover! On book

So this arrived today. Actually published towards the end of last year.

I had nothing to do with the text—but they asked me to use my photo on the cover, and I agreed, so that is my photo (from Midamericon, the 1976 Worldcon in Kansas City).

Me, with book

Me, with book

Hash Browns

I kept seeing complicated recipes that would be more trouble than they were worth.  I eventually worked out a very simple one that I find  satisfactory.

Makes one large serving.

To make multiple servings, I’d use a larger pan, and I’d try making the patty thicker (cooking covered should cause the part not in contact with the hot pan to still cook by steaming).


1 medium russet potato
1 pat butter
1T olive oil
salt and pepper

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Grate coarsely


Scrub, remove eyes and anything else you don’t want to eat, and coarsely grate the potato.





Butter should sizzle in pan

Butter should sizzle in pan

Pre-heat a cast-iron skillet of suitable size (I find 8″ works well for one serving). Must have cover. On my particular stove the cooking setting is #4 on the left rear burner, and I pre-heat at 6 or 8 because I’m impatient. I might call that “medium” heat?

Add butter to pan. It should sizzle a bit, right away, but not burn. Also add olive oil.

Flatten potato shreds in pan

Flatten potato shreds in pan

Dump the potato shreds into the pan, and arrange them flat over the entire bottom of the pan.  Pressing down a little doesn’t hurt.




Cover and cook

Cover and cook

Cover the pan and cook for 5-7 minutes (depends on heat, size of potato, etc.).




Flip the patty

Flip the patty

Flip the patty of potato. It should stick together well, not stick to the pan, and the bottom should be medium brown to golden.  Push down all over.

Grind some pepper and shake some salt over the cooked side.

Cover the pan again, and cook this side for 5-7 minutes. If you think it ends up too moist, omit the cover for some or all of the second cooking period.

You’re done.

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion


Slow Sites

It’s great having such fast Internet connectivity; it lets me tell when it’s the website I’m visiting that’s so slow!

In this case, Facebook is limiting my upload of a photo gallery to two orders of magnitude less than my actual connectivity.

Network Throughput, Facebook Upload