I was going through a sample pack of paper, printing the same test pictures over and over (being very careful to use the right profile and driver settings for each particular sample sheet of paper).  When I got something like this.

wonky test print

Wonky Test Print

It wasn’t instantly obvious to me what the problem was.  I tried another paper.  I tried a nozzle check.

Bad nozzle check

Bad nozzle check

That wasn’t obviously bad.  The black printing was weirdly faint, but this was maybe the second time ever I’d done a nozzle check on this printer and I didn’t remember the last one that well. (Of course, they look nearly identical to all the other Epson printers, so arguably I should have caught on sooner).

So I resorted to calling service.  They said do a head cleaning anyway, so I did a head cleaning.

And got this nozzle check.

Good Nozzle Check

Good Nozzle Check

Well whaddya know!  I’ve never had an entire color go out 100% suddenly like that.   And the arrangement of check squares was a better layout with the dark black missing.

The actual test print looks much better too.

Good test print

Good test print

So the new Epson 3880 is still my friend.

Paper and stuff


That big paper is 17×22

On being fan guests of honor at the 2016 Worldcon in Kansas City, Midamericon II!



Personal News

Well, it’s probably official enough to announce now, I guess.   I’ve had a signed employment agreement for a while, but there was still stuff going on in the background.  But this morning I got an official start date.

On 8/25 I’m starting a long-term contract at Lockheed (working on ERAM, which is air traffic control software).  The contract is through Aerotek.

Adventures in Archiving

Or, sorting the piles.

Sorting through very old to-file piles

DC bag handed out at LA Con, and containing stuff from then.

The original envelope from Torcon 2, also, with stuff from then in side it as well. Plus my own envelopes with Torcon 2 and Minicon 8 photos and other things.

And that innocent looking little digest-sized booklet under the DC bag? That’s the Midamericon program book.

Kodalux mailers

Apparently I not only remember these, I still have a couple.