Paper and stuff


That big paper is 17×22

On being fan guests of honor at the 2016 Worldcon in Kansas City, Midamericon II!


Personal News

Well, it’s probably official enough to announce now, I guess.   I’ve had a signed employment agreement for a while, but there was still stuff going on in the background.  But this morning I got an official start date.

On 8/25 I’m starting a long-term contract at Lockheed (working on ERAM, which is air traffic control software).  The contract is through Aerotek.

Adventures in Archiving

Or, sorting the piles.

Sorting through very old to-file piles

DC bag handed out at LA Con, and containing stuff from then.

The original envelope from Torcon 2, also, with stuff from then in side it as well. Plus my own envelopes with Torcon 2 and Minicon 8 photos and other things.

And that innocent looking little digest-sized booklet under the DC bag? That’s the Midamericon program book.

Kodalux mailers

Apparently I not only remember these, I still have a couple.

New Photo Printer

So I finally broke down and replaced the (broken) 8.5″ Epson R800 (which doesn’t do B&W at all well) with something a bit better—an Epson 3880, which prints up to 17″ wide and does gorgeous B&W (they both do quite good color).

Epson 3880 printer waiting

Epson 3880 printer waiting

There is, however, one other slight problem—where to put it. I’ve let the office get a little, um, cluttered, and this printer is a lot more than twice the size of the last one so I can’t just replace it in place.

ddb 20140725 020-002

Definitely a bit cluttered

ddb 20140725 020-007

That’s the Epson 1160 set up for quadtone B&W, not the R800

Dealing with this of course takes space to sort through things (plus frequent emptying of the trash and recycling). It’s going to take long enough that the normal workspace (the bed) isn’t a viable choice, though.  So…new shelves! The theory is that the bottom two shelves will hold the stuff sitting on the floor where the shelves will go, leaving three more shelves per unit for other stuff.
First unit

First unit

First unit in use, second half assembled

First unit in use, second half assembled

Two shelf units!

Two shelf units!

And significant progress has been made.  I need to settle some power and data connectivity issues, and carry that big box down into the basement, which may be a bit interesting.  But I should be printing tomorrow.

Over half the desk cleared

Over half the desk cleared

The stuff on the shelves can now be sorted in smaller groups, and the stuff behind the shelves integrated, and stuff on the computer shelf.  And eventually a lot of the stuff on the other shelves where the second closet is supposed to be can be moved and sorted, and the closet built, and some of the stuff moved into it.  And, in the end, these new shelves removed again to open up that floor space.  But they give me space to do the sorting needed now, which is a big win.