Rear of Vickers VC-10 at Entebbe Airport
Rear of Vickers VC-10 at Entebbe Airport
From "1964-1 England to Entebbe" by Mary Dyer-Bennet. Agfachrome transparency in cardboard mount, imprinted #35. Handwritten number "56" in corner. Imprinted "AUG 64". "Our plane at Entebbe" written on slide by Mary The rear of the VC10 we flew to Entebbe on, at the airport. The rear is mroe interesting, though you can't really see from this view that there are two engines on each side rather than one.

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Caption: Rear of BOAC VC-10 aircraft G-ARVL that brought us to Entebbe.

Date: 2009:02:07 14:11:12-06:00

Photographer: Mary Dyer-Bennet, Copyright © Mary Dyer-Bennet. All rights reserved.


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