Front of Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe
Front of Lake Victoria Hotel in Entebbe
From "1964-2 Entebbe to Holland" by Mary Dyer-Bennet. Agfachrome transparency in cardboard mount, imprinted #29. Handwritten number "114" in corner. Imprinted "SEP 64". "View of L.V.H. Entebbe" written on slide by Mary The front of the Lake Victoria Hotel, showing some of the front gardens. Badly exposed, backlit, and faded from age.

IPTC Information

Date: 1964:06:01 00:00:00-06:00

Location: Lake Victoria Hotel, Entebbe, Uganda

Keywords: Lake Victoria Hotel

Photographer: Mary Dyer-Bennet, Copyright © Mary Dyer-Bennet. All rights reserved.


From: Finance Manager - Lake Victoria Hotel Entebbe

Date: Wed Dec 5 04:23:06 2007



Date: Wed Dec 5 06:49:03 2007


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