David, in front of 907 Winona St.
David, in front of 907 Winona St.

Color slide from Kenco metal file box, #144 Cardboard mounted Agfachrome slide, imprinted number 28. Imprinted "Nov 64". "David - 10yrs. old" written on slide mount by Mary. David in front of 907 Winona St. A picture showing me with Sugar, in the same location wearing the same clothes (and looking the same) is also dated 21-Sept-1964, confirming the age.

Dyer-Bennet, David

EXIF Information

Date: 2005:03:22 23:56:52-06:00

Exposure: inf sec f inf

Lens: 16973827.0 mm


From: David (Free) Barbour

Date: Wed Mar 1 17:43:34 2006

I remember this guy!

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David Dyer-Bennet