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Donald Moffitt

I know of six books of his, the last of which appeared a long time ago. Since then he seems to have disappeared. I guess maybe either he or his publishers decided he wouldn't ever be a betseller. Whatever the reason, it's a shame. His books were good solid science fiction.

Hey, I just learned he has a new book out. See Amazon.

Genesis Series

This was fun. Aliens reconstruct humans from genetic information transmitted from Earth before we kill ourselves, and construct a dual society with these humans. This is one of the more drastic things I've seen an author attempt, and I think he handles it really quite well.

The humans eventually go back and visit Earth.

Second Genesis [order from Amazon.com] Out Of Print


The Genesis Quest [order from Amazon.com] Out Of Print


The Mechanical Sky

Astronomical adventure in a far-future Islamic interstellar empire.

Crescent in the Sky Out Of Print

A Gathering of Stars Out Of Print

Other Books

The Jupiter Theft Out Of Print


The aliens come and steal Jupiter, or a large part of it.

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