Joel Halpern's Wedding

The title for this is based on the content of the photos, I wouldn't actually swear it's the right summer just from memory.

And this is a small portion of my photos I'm sure. I encountered this portion in an old tub of mixed film photos that I've been sorting out and filing properly. The other photos are no doubt somewhere sensible but haven't been scanned.

This roll was separated from the others because I noticed half-way through that I was shooting it at the wrong ISO. I stopped, presumably started a new roll, and labeled this one for special processing. So it went to a different lab in a separate batch and got separated from the rest, and only got found now.

Karen Johnson
Jan Appelbaum
Corwin Brust; Joel Halpern
Aliera Brust; Carolyn Brust
Corwin Brust; Martin Schafer

Added the nice shot of Corwin and Martin, which somehow got missed.

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David Dyer-Bennet