Minicon 34

Remember, Minicon 34 will be different.

Also, these photos are largely a bit different. They're based on much more casual scans than usual, and with less cleanup (because spending time on restoration of photos where the problem was the scan, while the negatives are within immediate rech, would be silly). I did quick thumbnail scans on the flatbed, but found enough interesting images to want to post some, so I'm posting from those rather than rescanning. In theory I can rescan at some future time after deciding which ones are worth the trouble, at my leisure.

Doug Friauf; Minicon 34
Minicon 34
Laurel Krahn; Minicon 34; Rachael Lininger
Ben Lieberman; Minicon 34
John Houghton; Minicon 34
Kathy Routliffe; Minicon 34
Geri Sullivan; Laurie Mann; Minicon 34
Minicon 34
David Owen Cruise; Judy Rosenberg; Minicon 34
Davey Snyder; Minicon 34
Bernie Peek; Doug Wickstrom; Minicon 34
Ctein; Minicon 34; Robin Beal
Laurel Krahn; Minicon 34; Tom Whitmore
Minicon 34; Vicki Rosenzweig
Bob Berlien; Minicon 34
Dean Gahlon; Lise Eisenberg; Minicon 34
Dean Gahlon; Eileen Lufkin; Minicon 34; Priscilla Olson; Rachael Lininger
Joel Rosenberg; Laurel Krahn; Minicon 34
Cally Soukup; Martin Maney; Minicon 34
Opening ceremonies Minicon 34
Larry Sanderson; Minicon 34
Minicon 34
Minicon 34
Geri Sullivan; Minicon 34
Minicon 34
Mike Bakula; Minicon 34; Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Bruce Pelz; Geri Sullivan; Minicon 34
Betsy Lundsten; Minicon 34
David Schroth; Minicon 34
Beth Friedman; Minicon 34; Patrick Nielsen Hayden; Susan Levy Haskell
Alice Bentley; Minicon 34
Don Fitch; Minicon 34
John Houghton; Minicon 34
Cally Soukup; Minicon 34
Cally Soukup; Minicon 34
Davey Snyder; David Schroth; Minicon 34; Valerie Smith
Laurel Krahn; Minicon 34; Scott Raun
Liz Cooper; Minicon 34
Minicon 34; Tom Whitmore
Ctein; Minicon 34; Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Geri Sullivan
Ben Lieberman; Geri Sullivan; Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Beth Friedman; Corwin Brust; Teresa Nielsen Hayden
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