Lightning 2-Aug

I don't expect I'll ever be competition for Lightning Boy, but I finally shot some lightning pictures. Underexposed, I think, and not very good positions, but hey, first time, and I only burned one roll. I'll probably try again off and on; I've always liked lightning.

These are from the front yard of our house in South Minneapolis, shot on 35mm Fuji Reala. I underexposed them considerably, I think, but was able to pull some image out of the negatives anyway.

It was one hell of a lightning display, but mostly behind clouds from my vantage point. And a lot of the rest behind trees. And quite far away; wasn't even raining where I was, and I couldn't correlate the general background rumble of thunder to any particular strike. Suits me; I hear lightning is dangerous.

I have at least one negative with better lightning on it, but it's badly enough underexposed I can't get a decent-looking scan from it.

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David Dyer-Bennet