Minnehaha Test Panoramas


The weather wasn't really suitable (the overcast sky is too bright), and the time of day was wrong (it was midafternoon; Minnehaha Falls is a horseshoe opening due east), but it seemed like a good time to try doing some panoramas of the falls, so I did. Looks like it might be worth going back early (shudder) some sunny day.

Both of these were from 5 shots with an Epson 850Z digital camera, 35mm equivalent focal length, manual exposure, on a tripod.

The panoramas were produced using The Panorama Factory, a free program that I think is a first-rate piece of work.

This was taken from the overlook on the south side (2/3 of the way up the stairs), with the camera in the portrait orientation, to include a greater angle vertically. A wider-angle lens would also have solved the problem. I wasn't sure if this would give the panorama program trouble; as it turned out, it didn't.
This was taken from the bottom, just inside the fence (which shows at the extreme right). If I hadn't been just playing, I would have had to find some better way to handle the fence.
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David Dyer-Bennet