Panorama of my Office

A panorama of my office on 12-March-2001.

This covers more than 360 degrees -- note the overlap of the ends.

Seven shots with my Epson 850Z, zoomed to 8.2mm but with a .5x auxilliary wideangle lens. Unless I dropped a decimal point, that comes to the equivalent of a 22mm lens in 35mm. Stitched together using The Panorama Factory.

The exposure was fixed, but I left the camera in auto white balance. Note how different the colors of the duplicated objects at the ends are.

No silver was reduced in the production of these images.

My office, 12-Mar-2001
My office, 12-Mar-2001
The boundaries of the 7 shots stitched together for this panorama are easily seen from the "pinch points". These are produced as the stitching software maps the rectilinear photos into a circular panoramic view.
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David Dyer-Bennet