Hawks on Pleasant Ave.

Pamela has reported a number of hawks hanging around, apparently nesting, in the 3400 block of Pleasant Ave. This afternoon we went over, and I actually managed to get two photos with visible birds in them.

As an example of of wildlife photography being difficult, this works pretty well. These shots are 1/2 or less of the full frame. They were taken with a 300mm lens, and on a digital camera with a 1.5x crop factor (so for purposes of angle of view, it behaves like a 450mm lens on a normal 35mm camera). I probably should have put on the 1.5x extender, or maybe even gotten out the 500mm mirror lens (but that's not actually very good, and hard to focus). And with all that exotic hardware, these are the pictures I got. Okay? So be properly appreciative when you see good bird photos, or other wildlife.

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David Dyer-Bennet