Doug Friauf, 1955 - 2007

Only one photo; I wasn't feeling like it, and Larry Sanderson and Dave Romm and no doubt others were getting shots of the people who attended.

Dave Romm said Doug had requested a model of the Enterprise be placed in his chair at the funeral, so I wanted to get a picture of that, so here it is. I don't know if the Spock picture was Doug's idea, or someone else's.

Doug had been around Minn-StF pretty nearly as long as I have. Joe Agee remembers him saying he started in 1975 (possibly by attending NOCRES events). He was a well-established regular attender of meetings in 1981, several people remembered. Which means I should have some old photos of him around. But it falls right into the period when I had my good cameras stolen and took a while to get even a snapshot camera and start shooting again, and I'm not sure how well filed those negatives are, either. But perhaps some day I will find them.

Doug had muscular dystrophy since well before I met him. The statistics say he was going to die well before me. When I first knew him, he was mostly getting around on crutches, only using a (non-powered) wheelchair occasionally. Then he switched to a powered chair. At Minicon this year I noticed that he was now using an oxygen system. And I believe he had had to give up his job in the last few years. it was good to see him at Minicon, and to see him getting around and doing things and talking with people. I don't know if he knew that was likely to be his last Minicon, or not. Several people have reported that he was discussing music for his funeral, but that doesn't necessarily mean he had any expectation it would be that same month.

Doug was Fan Guest of Honor at Minicon 41 last year. It was a very timely honor.

In the con suite Anderson, Lynn
Anderson, Lynn; Friauf, Doug
Ellison, Harlan; Friauf, Doug; Picacio, John
Forty Years of Minicon panel at Minicon 42 Friauf, Doug; Minicon 42
Doug had requested that a model of the Enterprise be placed in his chair. I don't know if the Spock picture was also at his request. Friauf, Doug
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