More Portraits of David Dyer-Bennet

More portraits of me, mostly informal.

Mostly identified as to who they are by.

This must have been in the West Lafayette house, hence before 1960. Note the rug. Dyer-Bennet, David
Rectangular glossy deckle-edged B&W print. No date imprint. "1yr 1st walking picture" written in ballpoint pen in bottom margin. David walking, apparently in 1954 or 1955. Dyer-Bennet, David
Rectangular glossy deckle-edged B&W print. ". DEC . 56" imprinted on the left edge. David taking something apart with a screwdriver. Is this the kitchen in West Lafayette? Dyer-Bennet, David
Color slide from Kenco metal file box, #144 Cardboard mounted Agfachrome slide, imprinted number 28. Imprinted "Nov 64". "David - 10yrs. old" written on slide mount by Mary. David in front of 907 Winona St. A picture showing me with Sugar, in the same location wearing the same clothes (and looking the same) is also dated 21-Sept-1964, confirming the age. Dyer-Bennet, David
This roll was badly underexposed, poorly processed (by me), and generally a disaster. I'm only now, with scanning and digital editing, starting to be able to get anything off of it. Dyer-Bennet, David
David in Rubicon costume
David in Rubicon costume
David Dyer-Bennet, in makeup for "Rubicon" (film Ernst Luposchainsky III and I made for English class, '71 or '72?). Dyer-Bennet, David; Rubicon
Me, in the highschool computer center. Dyer-Bennet, David
Almost certainly shot in the 1971-72 school year.
Rather blurry shot of David Dyer-Bennet shaking hands (left-handed), presumably with Ernst. 5-Jul-1972 Dyer-Bennet, David
David Dyer-Bennet, hanging out in the Carleton computer center. Early July 1972. Dyer-Bennet, David
Dyer-Bennet, David
Dyer-Bennet, David
David Dyer-Bennet, photographed at Bruce and Karen's party 20-Nov-2004 Dyer-Bennet, David
David Dyer-Bennet in Oleg's kitchen in Nashville, Oct. 2005 Dyer-Bennet, David
David working on his computer in Oleg's kitchen. Dyer-Bennet, David
Dyer-Bennet, David
Headshot for my Sun badge. Dyer-Bennet, David
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David Dyer-Bennet