Liquid Resize

Sort of like liquid paper, for those of you “of a certain age”.

Except kinda different.

Here’s a real photo:

Original snow scene

“Liquid resize” (which I’m doing using the retarget beta) is an implementation of “seam carving“, which is essentially a machine-vision technique where it figures out which parts of the image have content and which don’t and nudges things around. I’ve had some fairly spectacular failures, too, but the successes are so weird!

Here’s the 85% width:

Snow scene retargeted 85%


Snow scene retargeted 70%

And finally 55%:

Retargeted snow scene 55%

And I don’t have to decrease the height; the 70% one might actually look better not scrunched down too. Yes, I do see that the tree on the left starts looking strange almost immediately.  You can manually paint masks to limit what it compresses, so for practical purposes you can limit what gets changed.

Notice how much less empty space is in each smaller photo.

I can see this being completely absurd amounts of fun, for the right images. It seems to work much better with landscapes than with images containing people. My indoor images don’t have enough empty space for the program to do that much with them, either, and when push comes to shove it will eliminate something in the end.

Here’s one of the failures I mentioned:

Croquet original

Croquet retargeted 50%

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