Minn-StF Calendar

I’m maintaining a Minn-StF Calendar on Google. I just updated it with events from the February Einblatt!

In general, it contains Minn-StF sponsored events, readings at local bookstores that made the Einblatt!, and conventions that made the Einblatt! Errors are probably mine, although of course I might manage to faithfully copy through an error that I didn’t originate, possibly.

I’m not tempted to try to turn this into a “union of all local events” calendar; it seems more useful for each group to publish their own, and people can then use whatever combination fits their interests, without too much duplication.

4 thoughts on “Minn-StF Calendar”

  1. What email address is associated with the Minn-StF Google calendar? I’d like to add it to my calendar.

  2. The link in the base article should take you to it, and you should be able to add it from there. So far as I understand it (and I’m pretty new to Google calendar), there’s no email addy specifically associated with the calendar.

  3. I didn’t think it would let me add it that way, but it did. I clicked on the little “Google Calendar” button in the lower right corner just to see if that did anything, and that was what let me add it. I’ve learned something new!

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