Mouse Feet

Bottom of tired mouse

My old Logitech MX610 left-handed work mouse (well, it’s mine, but I use it at work) had gone lame in one foot, and the others were wearing down and showing clear signs of moving around on their adhesive.  For that matter the top is getting somewhat worn too, but I don’t so much care about that.  The foot problems were making it drag more and pick up dist from the desk and generally be a pain.

Lame mouse with replacement feet

I thought about ways to improvise (and am glad I didn’t; it sounds like the thickness is more important than I thought, apparently the laser really works only over a fairly narrow range of distances).  But some Googling brought up various companies selling replacement mouse feet, generic or cut to fit specific mice.  I found that Slick Surf had them for my model, and ordered a set, which arrived yesterday.

New feet

So today I brought home the lame mouse, amputated the rest of the feet, and replaced them with high-tech plastics!  I won’t really know how it works until I get it back to work (I left the receiver there, so I can’t test it at home), but it does seem to slide around very nicely now.  Slick Surf’s website suggests that these will last longer than the original, and glide more easily, both due to being harder plastic. We shall see. The old feet were clearly somewhat worn down, and the center parts exposed were softer and less smooth.

Getting a bit beat up
Old and tired

2 thoughts on “Mouse Feet”

  1. Just try to go into a retail store and ask for mouse feet!
    I dare you.
    I didn’t think it was possible for the “help” at Best Buy,
    or Fry’s to look more confused, but this made it happen!

  2. I seem to have found a couple of very useful and well-designed accessories lately that aren’t sold through stores.

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