North Shore Road Trip

Ctein and I made a short road trip up to the North Shore Friday and Saturday. It’s a very different landscape—great tracts of solid igneous rock, with pine trees growing all over it. Rivers coming out of that are reddish brown, but at  least they’re warm (much warmer than the lake). I’m used to that kind of rocky stream being fed by snow  melt up on a mountain nearby, and hence being very cold.

Us in action

(Click through image for gallery)

Normally one makes an effort to keep one’s feet out of the fisheye view, but I liked what it was doing with the shadow, and I needed to point the lens down far enough to get the horizon distorted the way I wanted that the feet were pretty much unavoidable (a tripod is even harder to keep out of the shot; needs a boom, which I don’t have).  So I decided I’d just live with both of us being in the photo.

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