Vegan Pancakes II

2C white flour
2T sugar
2T baking powder
1/4t salt
2 1/4 C unsweetened soy milk
5T vegetable oil

Basically, I cut down the baking powder and increased the soy milk and vegetable oil.

The result was less cardboardy, but still not supple, and they were too thick still.  Pamela and Lydy agreed they were as thick as last time, despite more liquid and less baking powder.

I’m also rediscovering why I hate gas stoves so much; getting the two-burner griddle to be both fairly uniform and the right temperature (especially since the front and back burners have different size gas rings) is hell, and the only thing one can really adjust based on is the visible size of the flames.

These things were sticking to an oiled non-stick griddle until I turned it up a bit.

The Smuckers boysenberry syrup is okay, but nothing special. Has more “berry” quality than specific boysenberry flavor.

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