Camera Bits Fixed the Network Disk Performance Problem

Photo Mechanic 5 was giving me horrible performance writing to network disk (which is all my disk)—it would take 15 seconds or so to update the rating on a photo, for example. So I was still using version 4 on my desktop (I had switched to 5 on my laptop, where I’m nearly always accessing the local disk).

As I have been doing now and then, I upgraded to the latest V5 today, and ran a quick test—and was very pleased to find that it now updates ratings of photos on network disks quite promptly. Rotation also works fast (that was actually the first place I noticed this problem, back when).  (I’m sure I haven’t been hitting every upgrade, this could have been fixed a while back.)

So, kudos and thanks to Camera Bits from me today!


Interesting Feed Behavior

The RSS ATOM feed from this site seems to list multiple links for articles where I’ve changed the date once it’s published (this normally results from a mistake transferring the date when bringing over an article originally written outside WordPress).

The management controls don’t seem to show me both copies. I haven’t checked carefully to see if the text of the article is different in the two versions, but probably not. My guess is that the list of permalink aliases is write-only, and never gets entries deleted, but I haven’t found where that is yet (it’s not in the .htaccess file, it’s not doing it just at the Apache level).

It’s also not especially serious, just amusing.