Print Sale!

The Online Photographer, my favorite online site for photographers, is having a special sale on one of my photos.  I’m very excited; I’ve never had a one-man gallery show or an organized print sale in all these years.

DDB-Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial 1975

Some of you who live around Minneapolis will have seen the big print of this in my dining room. This sale is for a smaller version (9×12 image on 12×15 paper), but if anything even nicer (Ctein and I went back to our earlier file and looked at it again for this sale; some things changed for the smaller prints, some things probably just changed because of changing tastes). These prints are made by Ctein, to my satisfaction (after three shipments of proofs for the improvements for the small version), and signed by him on the back and me on the front. I think they’re utterly gorgeous.

I shot this on film in 1975; it’s taken a while for technology, my skill, and the number of friends I could get help from to get to where we could make first-rate prints from it, but we eventually won that battle.

You’ll find full details on the print sale at The Online Photographer. It’s on now, and runs through 7pm Central Time on Friday July 11. Price is $95 plus shipping (which will look anywhere from kind of pricey to remarkably cheap, depending on your familiarity with the art photo market).