Disposing of My Last “Miniature” Film

ETA: Thanks to everybody who expressed interest.  Both batches of film have found new homes.

There’s somewhat more of it than I thought, in fact.  Since I don’t have any 35mm or 120 film bodies any more (haven’t for some years now), it only makes sense to move this out too.

I guess I’ll split it by format—120 and 35mm.  Each batch to the first person to ask, you pay shipping (or pick up in person; I’m in Minneapolis).

This film has been stored in the freezer since new.  I imagine it’s mostly outdated—yep, the first rolls I glanced at were 1995 expirations, the next 2001.  But they’ve been in the freezer mostly, they should be fine.  At this price, though, no guarantee!

I would strongly suggest that domestic shipping be via second-day air or faster; this is not the season to be rolling around in a truck in the sun, not for film.

Kodachrome processing will be available for a while, they say through the end of next year, from Dwayne’s Photo in Kansas.  The rest of the film is still easy to get processed, even if you don’t do your own.

I ask that whoever gets this use it to take pictures, or pass it on to others for that purpose; not just to use as elements in a sculpture, or for decor, or whatever.

Email me to try to claim a batch.
The 120:

2 Kodak Tmax 100 120
2 Kodak Pro 1000 (PMZ) 220
3 Fuji Velvia RVP 120

The 35mm:

A few of these (all Ektachrome) are probably my own hand-loads, and those are 30 exposures.

3 Fuji Superia Reala 100 35mm 36
5 Kodachrome 25 (KM) 35mm 36
1 Kodachrome 200 (PKL) 35mm 36
3 Ektachrome Lumiere 100 (LPP) 35mm 36
2 Fujichrome Super HG 1600 (CU) 35mm 36
1 Ektachrome 1600 (PJC) 35mm 36
4 Ektachrome 64T (EPY) 35mm 36
6 Kodak Portra 160NC 35mm 36
2 Kodak Portra 160VC 35mm 36
1 Kodak Portra 400NC 35mm 36
1 Kodak Ektar 25 (RZ) 35mm 36
1 Agfacolor Ultra 50 35mm 36
2 Kodak Tmax-100 35mm 36
1 Kodak Royal Gold 400 35mm 36
2 Fuji Superia X-tra 800 35mm 36
3 unknown (unlabeled sealed cans, they haven’t warmed up enough to open safely yet)
2 Ilford Delta 3200 35mm 36
5 Ilford XP2 400 35mm 36
4 Kodak Tmax 3200 (TMZ) 35mm 36
5 Kodak Tmax 400 (TMY) 35mm 36
2 Fuji NPH 400 35mm 36
2 Scotch 640T!!! 35mm 36
This is among the oldest, and a roll or two always rode in my camera bag, so the freshness of this is the most questionable of any of the films.
11 Ektachrome 400 35mm 36 or 30
3 Kodak Ektachrome 320T (EPJ) 35mm 36