Personal Dr. Fun Favorites

I keep having trouble finding these when I want to cite them, so I’m finally going to look through them once and take notes!

(The full archive is here).

Unwanted computer peripherals — the HP DittoJet
Welcome to a smoke free hell
Well, well, well…check out ‘Mister Evolution’.
Where crazed programmers are sent.
100 Gigabyte Hard Drive
Another big bug busted.
Poorly-planned meals on the way to the Moon


International Shoot A Roll of Film Day

Kyle Cassidy declared yesterday to be International Shoot A Roll of Film Day.

After some consideration, I don’t think I have any cameras that take roll film left (I’ve got the 4×5 still). There may be something buried somewhere, but nothing I remember, and I don’t think anything I ever used much; maybe an old 616 Brownie box camera or something.

And I haven’t stumbled across any rolls of film, either.  If I had, I would have had great difficulty restraining myself from doing a self-portrait while gleefully ripping a roll of film out of its cartridge. Luckily we have all been spared that.

Which left my original idea—to shoot the rolls of film Geri Sullivan gave me many years ago.

International Shoot A Roll of Film day 2010