Wanted: Copy of Anticipation Souvenir Book

ETA: Thanks, I now have one!

(Anticipation being this year’s World Science Fiction Convention, in Montreal).

I’m looking to obtain a copy of the “souvenir book”, the fancy hardbound book with articles and pictures in it, given to members by the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal this weekend.

Particularly, I’m wanting to see what the selection were from Kyle Cassidy’s Where I Write project, and how they printed in the book.

So, anybody not care to keep their copy?  I’ll give it a good home, or pay a modest amount.  Or if anybody knows a way to buy one from the convention directly, if they had any left over, I could do that.

“Where I Write” Book Project

Just heard today about a project that I hope will become a book of photos of SF/fantasy authors’ workspaces by my online friend Kyle Cassidy of Armed America fame. And here’s another post on it by Michael Swanwick.

The preliminary examples look really good to me.

Where Joe Haldeman Writes
Where Joe Haldeman Writes

(Click through the photo for Kyle’s site about the book, with more samples.)

I am amused to see that Kyle says this was partly inspired by this by Jeff and Geri.

Some examples will be appearing in the Anticipation sourvenir book.