Photosynth of Minnehaha Falls

My first try at shooting specifically for photosynth is not a total failure; parts of the main falls bowl, in particular, seem to have come out fairly well.

Looks like it has mis-identified some matches, and I’ve probably tried to cover too big an area.  I shot some more down at Carleton later today, will be interested to see how those come out.

Fascinating toy!

Minnehaha Falls

An old favorite photographic subject for me.

I was hoping the water might be somewhere near the high mark that Emma described in War for the Oaks (and which actually happened once back in the 1980s), but no such luck.

Still have some good photos, I think, though. Also some interesting experiments with the fisheye; of which I wanted to post this one right away. There’s no gallery to click through to yet.

Minnehaha Fisheye