Lois Bujold reading (from 2012)

I’ve finally put together the video of Lois McMaster Bujold reading the opening scene of a new Miles Vorkosigan novella (from 5-Dec-2012; I said “finally”).  It looks like the novella still hasn’t been published (perhaps it hasn’t even been finished).

It was an interesting experiment in one-person documentary making, and a useful practice piece for post-production (four cameras, one sound recorder).

Jo Walton reading from Among Others

Made my first try at creating a video with modern equipment (as opposed to back in college) last weekend at Jo’s reading at Uncle Hugo’s last weekend.  I messed up the good audio recording, and managed a 5-battery logistical fail that considerably limited my available material to edit a video from.  And I’m just learning the editing program.  And I wasn’t a first-rate editor even when I was in practice. And I still haven’t managed to get YouTube to accept it.

However, it was fun, and here’s the video on Vimeo.

Jo Walton reads from Among Others from David Dyer-Bennet on Vimeo.