Phone and Networking Woes

All better now, but last week I finally dealt with the persistent DSL problems (requiring CenturyLink to both replace the wire from the house to the pole, and also fix a corroded connection in a box a block and a half from here), start dealing with the Airave nano-cell dying, and replace the UPS that was supposed to keep the household network and phone system going through a power failure.

Still waiting for the second replacement Airave; the first claimed to come up okay, but wouldn’t connect to my phone.

Along the way I also dealt, finally, with the DSL noise on the second household line (I had to completely rewire the input side of the wiring panel for the phone lines to make that possible, is why it took so long to get to).

So, here’s the new panel, not that different from the old panel.

The revised wiring panel
The revised wiring panel