Photosynth of Minnehaha Falls

My first try at shooting specifically for photosynth is not a total failure; parts of the main falls bowl, in particular, seem to have come out fairly well.

Looks like it has mis-identified some matches, and I’ve probably tried to cover too big an area.  I shot some more down at Carleton later today, will be interested to see how those come out.

Fascinating toy!

Bad Website Practice

I’m encountering more and more sites that pull their content from a collection of servers sites with URLs in entirely different domains.  I don’t mean just linking, and I don’t mean just ads being pulled in; I mean main pieces of page content on “” coming from “” and such.

This of course triggers warnings in any sane modern browser, and in fact they’re blocked by default for anybody running no-script (which you should be).

Web designers–don’t do this!  It’s a danger sign, and it needs to continue to be a danger sign.  Right now I’m skipping some of your content, and more nd more people are using this sort of protection software in their browsers.