Recent Images

No, I haven’t made any; I’ve just put a random one from the new images collection onto the homepage.  Don’t know if this is worth the trouble or not yet; the big problem is you can’t get to the actual snapshots directory from the image, just to a big standalone copy of the image.

However, it’s at least a bit of a proof of concept.



You may be seeing “+1” boxes appearing places.  Like on individual blog articles, and photo gallery pages, and individual photo pages.  And soon, booknotes.  This is part of my Google+ integration; no idea if it’s going to turn out to be useful to either me or you.   But that’s what it is.

Photo Gallery Redesign Finished

At least for now.  I’ve made thumbnails bigger and higher quality (since people have more bandwidth today), and given vertical pictures equal treatment (since people have bigger screens, except when they don’t).  And made a few upgrades in the maintenance software as well, that only concern me.  And increased space between thumbnail boxes some.  And added my logo initials to each page.