Photo Equipment Neepery

I guess it’s mostly Nikon’s fault for giving the D3 such good low-light performance. Since there’s no way I can consider actually buying a D3 (I believe MSRP at release will be about $5000), I’m not sure why that’s the obvious driver to my looking at more equipment upgrades, but it’s at least one major factor. Another is that I got some money (not much in relation to a D3) for my birthday, so I can consider at least low-end upgrades. And maybe there’s still leftover energy from this spring, when I bought the 17-55mm f/2.8 DX zoom.

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Old Email Addresses

I’ve been trying to capture my history on the net for some time now. The recent LiveJournal meme on earliest Usenet post got me to pull together some information on email addresses I’ve used over the years, so here they are:

  • {decvax,ihnp4,ucbvax}!decwrl!rhea!mrvax!ddb
  • ddb@mrvax.dec
  • ( was the real address, but posts seemed to be tagged with the workstation I was at)
  • (I find only August and September 1994 posts in Google Groups currently)

The War On Some Drugs

“The war on some drugs” is one of the common names for the phenomenon. “Some drugs” refers to the fact that alcohol and caffeine are untouchable. Nicotine seems to be falling, but even it isn’t getting hit by the drug warriors, it’s dying a different death. Politicians tend to call it just “the war on drugs”. I’ve also heard it called “the war on civil rights”, for reasons which should be pretty obvious.

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