Perspective Corrections in Casual Pictures

Since Picture Window Pro and Photoshop have made it relatively easy for me, I’ve been sometimes making perspective corrections even in relatively casual snapshots. Mostly I just fixed keystone, but the example I have here from today uses all the controls, including lens distortion. I corrected this photo using the “lens correction” filter in Photoshop CS2 (it’s under “distortion” on the filter menu). Continue reading Perspective Corrections in Casual Pictures

Definitely Not A Studio

But I’ve rigged a couple of simple things to provide better lighting on my bed. That’s the main flat space in my room, and has been used for “tabletop” photography many times in the past (Ebay pictures and such). Also, many of the interesting but technically troubled kitten pictures of the last few years have been taken there. Continue reading Definitely Not A Studio

Nikon Creative Lighting System Bitch

It’s a cool idea—using your ordinary shoe-mount electronic flash (or two, or three, or 8 of them) in conjunction with one still mounted on the camera (or the built in flash on a D200 or some other bodies) to make a wireless flash network that delivers precise exposure metered by the camera TTL. Continue reading Nikon Creative Lighting System Bitch