Hennepin County Library holdings

Wow; Hennepin County Library has Doc Smith’s Lensman series (mostly in the Old Earth Books facsimile edition), but no Skylark or anything…except…ah, there it is, says in the listing what the English title is:


Cuộc săn đuỏ̂i trong không gian by Smith, E. E. (1986?)

Vietnamese Adult Nonfiction Book


Which is apparently a Vietnamese edition of The Skylark of Space!

Lois Bujold reading (from 2012)

I’ve finally put together the video of Lois McMaster Bujold reading the opening scene of a new Miles Vorkosigan novella (from 5-Dec-2012; I said “finally”).  It looks like the novella still hasn’t been published (perhaps it hasn’t even been finished).

It was an interesting experiment in one-person documentary making, and a useful practice piece for post-production (four cameras, one sound recorder).

Cats Laughing reunion is a Kickstarter Staff Pick!

Wow, we knew they did staff picks, but it didn’t seem likely that we’d manage to reach that level.

But we have!  We got email today notifying us, and we show up on the staff picks page.

So send all your friends over to our Kickstarter page to support us!  I really want to do the video of the concert, and we need to hit Tier 3 for that to happen.