Score from the Minn-StF T-Shirt Collection

I got possession of one of the spares of the shirt with this on it last night (the Minn-StF archives kept the best copy and however many copies they thought they needed). I had one of the original ones, back in the 1970s, but wore it out long ago. It was one of my favorites.

This particular one also has “Video Services” on the back, so I’m particularly happy to get this one now (a year ago, in time to wear in Kansas City, would have been even better, but I don’t think we knew we even had these in the t-shirt collection back then).

This may have been the first local fannish t-shirt; I don’t remember Minicon shirts before this for example.

They were made by local fan Jerry Stearns (now of Great Northern Audio Theater), as I remember it silk-screened by hand at home rather than through a commercial producer. I don’t know where the artwork came from; it doesn’t seem to be signed. Does anybody remember that?

MidAmeriCon II Video Archeology

I’m just back from this year’s Worldcon in Kansas City. I’ve been working on the Video Archeology project, doing restoration and editing on video transferred from the many boxes of tapes in the Scott Imes Video Archive (Geri Sullivan is running the project).

This has been a blast, and I’m looking forward to finishing up and seeing the results on the FANAC Fan History channel on YouTube.

We had two big visible wins at and around the con.

This year’s Hugo Presenter, Pat Cadigan, wanted to use clips from our video to bracket this year’s Hugo ceremony, showing her assisting Bob Tucker at the Hugo ceremony 40 years ago at the first MidAmeriCon.  They looked remarkably good up on the huge mainstage screens (given that the original footage was standard-definition video and fairly badly underexposed).

And the Kansas City Star used the clips we made available to them of the Star Wars Q&A session, cut together with movie footage of what was being described, on the web site here (don’t know how long links remain valid there).