Rifles and Me

With a tiny number of exceptions (and no decent training, and in hindsight the people I shot with before were not competent), I didn’t start shooting until about 1978. Then I started with handguns, and the people who started me then were competent and gave me an excellent introduction to safety and shooting skills. (I probably wasn’t competent to have that opinion until last year; but now that I’m an NRA certified instructor in several areas including pistol, I think I have a decent idea of what a good introduction looks like.) Before this last year, I don’t think I’d fired more than 5 rounds from rifles — some .22, and I think one round from a .223.

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Timing Is Everything

Went over to the TCF in Uptown this afternoon to make a deposit, as I do most weeks (sadly, the deposits are mostly small). I would have gotten there around 2:15pm I think. I’m in the habit of going to a teller window, and usually get some cash back.

On the way in past the ATM, I noticed a lot of people sitting around in the lobby. Then the door failed to open.

Finally, I noticed the sign on the inside of the glass door saying “Temporarily closed due to robbery”.

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Planning a Rally (the MCPPA Birthday Party)

Sorry to be away so long. I got stuck on an article addressing a difficult social issue, and still haven’t been able to crack it, in real life either.

Today I went to the rally at the capitol for the first birthday of the Minnesota Citizen’s Personal Protection Act. But I’ve been working for a considerable amount of the previous week to get ready for the rally, and that’s more interesting.

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The Bravest Household in Minneapolis?

For as long as I can remember people have been putting up signs trying to convince “bad guys” that their house is a bad place to rob—”Beware of Dog” figures prominently in this history, with honorable mention to “Never Mind the Dog, Beware of Owner” and even “This House Protected by Smith & Wesson”. But despite efforts by both pro-gun and anti-gun activists over the years, there has been a real shortage of private residences bearing a “This is a Gun Free Home” sign, or any close equivalent.

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