Timing Is Everything

Went over to the TCF in Uptown this afternoon to make a deposit, as I do most weeks (sadly, the deposits are mostly small). I would have gotten there around 2:15pm I think. I’m in the habit of going to a teller window, and usually get some cash back.

On the way in past the ATM, I noticed a lot of people sitting around in the lobby. Then the door failed to open.

Finally, I noticed the sign on the inside of the glass door saying “Temporarily closed due to robbery”.

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Planning a Rally (the MCPPA Birthday Party)

Sorry to be away so long. I got stuck on an article addressing a difficult social issue, and still haven’t been able to crack it, in real life either.

Today I went to the rally at the capitol for the first birthday of the Minnesota Citizen’s Personal Protection Act. But I’ve been working for a considerable amount of the previous week to get ready for the rally, and that’s more interesting.

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The Bravest Household in Minneapolis?

For as long as I can remember people have been putting up signs trying to convince “bad guys” that their house is a bad place to rob—”Beware of Dog” figures prominently in this history, with honorable mention to “Never Mind the Dog, Beware of Owner” and even “This House Protected by Smith & Wesson”. But despite efforts by both pro-gun and anti-gun activists over the years, there has been a real shortage of private residences bearing a “This is a Gun Free Home” sign, or any close equivalent.

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