Blaisdell Press

Blaisdell Press is me, David Dyer-Bennet, working with my wife Pamela to make our books available even when traditional publishers are uncooperative.

We have 4 books available for order so far, see below.

Our general plan is to make the books available in hardcopy, Kindle, and epub ebook formats through most of the major ebook sales channels. Some smaller works may be published electronically only.

We’re trying to avoid being available on only one platform or through one retailer; with at least some success. We’ve also been able to avoid DRM on the electronic editions.

Latest News

We have released a photo book by David Dyer-Bennet, documenting the fascinating things people painted on the plywood (and OSB) panels put up over windows in the aftermath of killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

Old News

As soon as the updates work their way through the servers, The Dubious Hills and Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary are on post-Christmas and pre-release sale in all formats (links with the books below).

Did I say “pre-release”? Oh, yes, that’s the other news; sometime quite soon, we hope still in 2017, we will be releasing Owlswater and Other Stories, which collects Pamela’s non-Liavek short fiction, that being “Owlswater” (the story of Shan’s expedition to find Melanie), the short-story version of “Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary” (which doesn’t contain any astronomy or Giant Ants), and “This Fair Gift” (an Arthurian court ballad cast in terms of patenting magical garments). This comes to about 140 pages and 45,000 words, a small book.

Pamela Dean

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At the book launch party that Tor sponsored at Dreamhaven Books in 1998

Pamela Dean is the author of The Secret Country trilogy (The Secret Country, The Hidden Land, and The Whim of the Dragon); Tam Lin; The Dubious Hills; Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary; and a handful of short stories. She was born in the Midwest of the USA, and aside from a few aberrant periods spent in upstate New York and Massachusetts, she has stubbornly remained there. She attended Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, which in a somewhat altered state is the setting for her novel Tam Lin. She lives in a cluttered duplex in Minneapolis with her chosen family, about fifteen thousand books, and a variable number of cats. She enjoys hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, being a part of local science-fiction fandom, and attending the theater. She understands that writers are supposed to have colorful  careers, but on the whole she prefers as quiet a life as the family and the cats will permit.

Her most recent book is Points of Departure with Patricia C. Wrede, from Diversion Books. This is a collection of Pamela and Patricia’s connected stories from the shared world of Liavek, originally published in the 1980’s and 1990’s, with some new material written especially for this edition.

Pamela’s Livejournal

Blaisdell Press Editions

The Dubious Hills

final-005-webThe finely-balanced lives of residents in the Dubious Hills, where centuries before wizards eliminated war by drastically limiting people’s knowledge, start to come undone when invading wolves offer dangerous insights.
This book is set in the universe of Pamela’s initial three Secret Country books (but far away geographically and with no significant character overlap).
Originally published by Tor Books in 1994.
First Blaisdell Press edition March 2016.
Blaisdell Press V1.1 May 2016 corrects about 4 missing lines late in chapter 13.

Smashwords epub, mobi, lrf, pdf, pdb, … 

Blaisdell Press trade paperback

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Juniper, Gentian, and Rosemary

Cover for Juniper, Gentian, and RosemaryA young astronomer, with her sisters and friends, confronts magic moving into their neighborhood.  Originally published by Tor Books in 1998.

First Blaisdell Press edition February 2016
Blaisdell Press V1.2 May 2016 correct minor formatting issues

Smashwords epub, mobi, lrf, pdf, pdb, …

Blaisdell Press trade paperback

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Words Over Windows


Words Over Window book cover

Photos by David Dyer-Bennet of the words and art on plywood (and OSB) panels put up over windows in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police.

First Blaisdell Press edition August 2020.

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Blaisdell Press trade paperback

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