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I'm pretty happy with recovery. My pictures and booknotes are working, my promo website is back up, my memorial for my father is back up, pretty much all of my own stuff is back up.

What's not back up yet is (though the mailing list is running along just fine). I've done some work towards that, though, and some of that progress may start to be visible this week, possibly.

21-Jul-2006 00:40

Some progress on my web pages; the most basic outlines of the booknotes section are working again (though there's a list of serious known problems), and the summary pages (which are built and cached by scripts) are working.


I've known for a long time that "working on" computers was a high-risk business, but this one was remarkable. While installing a USB card to allow UPS monitoring, the system disk started making funny noises and overheating. And when a new disk drive was attached, and Debian was installed on it, the system refused to recognize it as a bootable disk. Then at 11 the next morning I got on a plane to California.

So I'm putting my pages up on a professionally maintained server at Dreamhost, which costs roughly nothing a month for infinite resources (though I suspect that, if I tried to actually consume those infinite resources, something would kick in to stop me).

Many things are badly broken; the script-based sites, including my booknotes and my photo galleries, aren't adapted to the new environment yet. That'll be some work, and won't seriously start until Saturday at the earliest. But what I've got here so far lets static links to individual photos work, and some text pages, so it's already an improvement.


gw was down from 8:15 to 9:20 due to the kernel paging crash.

3-Jul-2006 13:38

I have shut NS2 down to reduce heatload. This should have no effect on major services, but it is the secondary DNS server. Greg and I will be replacing the AC with one of about twice the capacity this afternoon.

30-Jun-2006 10:45

Another instance of the kernel paging crash.


I've had the system down for half an hour a couple of times this afternoon for filesystem maintenance -- mostly getting dir_index turned on and convincing myself it's doing something.


Taking everything down a bit after 5pm CDT to rearrange the power and UPS connections. Back up in less than an hour I'd hope, if nothing goes wrngggggggggg.


I rebooted gw a little after 7pm to get it off the bad UPS. I'll be rebooting more tonight and tomorrow as I get the UPS fixed (new battery) or replaced, and then re-do the power supply setup. I also replaced the old hub here with a modern gigabit switch, which seems to run a lot cooler.


Down from 01:44 to 10:26; crashed on kernel paging problem, rebooted when I got to it.


Down from 02:24:35 to 11:38 for no apparent reason. No log entries at all, and the system even pinged. But no services and no keyboard response.


Something like noonish, system crashed on kernel paging issue, I don't understand the underlying problem yet. Anyway, it was down until Pamela could get me on the phone, a couple of hours.

20-Feb-2006 5pm

System failed to come up after a "routine" debian upgrade last night, and I went to a party and slept instead of working the problem straight through until I destroyed the universe. But I believe most services are back up now, though I know some more reboots will be needed before I'm sure it's all ship-shape.


GW crashed sometime around 12:38pm CST for no apparent reason (I wasn't there, but Pamela doesn't remember any power glitches and the other systems stayed up). Pamela was able to power it back on, and it seems to have come back up. Perhaps it will stay up.

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