ddb 52-03
ddb 52-03

Can't place the particular class. Probably in 1970. People, from left to right as the faces are first encountered, and with a fair amount of guesswork: David Dyer-Bennet,Kris Aamodt?, Cheryl Ramette, Sarah Nordstrom, Marvilyn Christensen, Leah Haworth, ?, Joanne Wheeler, Claudia Henderson, Linda Hanson, Mike Moberg, LuAnn Nelson, Jean Abbott, Laurie Williams. Standard disclaimer and apology -- several people I'm sure I should be able to put a name to. (Thanks to Mark Hansen for additional IDs.)

1970; Aamodt; Aamodt, Kris; Abbott, Jean; able; additional; amount; and; apology; are; Bennet; Can; Cheryl; Christensen; Christensen, Marvilyn; class; Claudia; David; disclaimer; Dyer; Dyer-Bennet, David; encountered; faces; fair; First; for; from; guesswork; Hansen; Hanson; Hanson, Linda; Haworth; Haworth, Leah; Henderson; Henderson, Claudia; ids; Ingram, Mary; Joanne; Kris; Leah; left; Linda; Mark; Marvilyn; Mike; Moberg; Moberg, Mike; name; Nelson, LuAnn; Nordstrom; Nordstrom, Sarah; particular; people; place; Probably; put; Ramette; Ramette, Cheryl; right; Sarah; several; should; Standard; sure; thanks; the; Tromme, Noel; Wheeler; Wheeler, Joanne; Williams, Laurie; with


From: Mark Hansen

Date: Thu Jun 1 15:14:32 2006

Marvilyn Christensen is sitting behind Joanne Wheeler. Mike Moberg is dozing near the wall sitting in front of his future wife Claudia Henderson. Mary Ingram is not in the picture. It may be Kris Aamodt behind Cheryl in the back of the classroom.

From: MH

Date: Tue Aug 14 14:03:26 2007

The three is the far right of the picture are LuAnn Nelson, Jean Abbott partially obscured and the Laurie Williams sitting in the front

From: Lilly Kirckof

Date: Thu Aug 16 07:56:28 2007

Whatever happened to Mike Moberg? He was Mr. Jock and a reasonably nice guy as I recall. Is anybody getting together this year for a 35?

From: dd-b

Date: Thu Aug 16 07:59:18 2007

We had a 35th last month, in fact -- see July 2007 in my SnapshotAlbum.

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ddb 52-03
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