The group photo of contributors
The group photo of contributors

Front row: Richard Tatge, Fred A. Levy Haskell, Mike Wood (virtual), Dean Gahlon, David Dyer-Bennet.
Second row: Joyce Scrivner, Reen Brust, Judie Cilcain, Laura Krentz (virtual), Geri Sullivan, Pamela Dean Dyer-Bennet.
Third row: Dan Goodman, Polly Peterson, Karen Cooper.
Fourth row: Eileen Lufkin, Laramie Sasseville, One Bruce Schneier, Lydy Nickerson.
Back row: John L. Stanley, Ken Konkol, Jeff Schalles, Denny Lien, Carol Kennedy, Martin Schafer, Nate Bucklin, Mark Richards, Scott Raun, David S. Cargo.

A jpeg file of the final cover, suitable for on-screen viewing (37kb) is here.

A 300 dpi tiff file suitable for printing a facsimile of the final cover (2.5 meg) can be downloaded.


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