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Book Note: Poul Anderson, Operation Luna

I read this book about 24-Nov-2002. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 1999. This note was last modified Friday, 02-May-2014 22:50:12 PDT.

This is book 2 of the "Operation Chaos" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


Long-delayed sequel to Operation Chaos. Unlike most such, this one seems to be as good as the original. It has the benefit of being conceived as a novel, rather than being a fixup of short stories.

It's set more than a decade later, and involves the space program. It starts with a heartrending rendition of the Challenger disaster, where the broomsticks come off the giant bronze horse and dance around the sky.

Steven and Ginny get involved in the investigation, of course. Since it's set in the southwest US, he gets to work in more American Indian characters and traditions. And he also brings in their daughter Valeria (who they rescued from hell in the first book, you may remember) as a major character.

I found fewer things that seemed strained fits this time, which was nice.

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