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Book Note: Stephen Baxter, Manifold Space

I read this book about 29-Apr-2002. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 2001. This note was last modified Saturday, 19-Aug-2006 10:38:17 PDT.

This note does not contain major spoilers for the book.


Second in a series, starting with Manifold Space. That one was actually fun. A number of people who should know have pushed Baxter at me, and I've had mixed success, bouncing off at least one completely, and finding another only tolerable. However, the third one in the series seems to have somehow escaped being given its proper title, which is Manifold Destiny.

Wow. That was quite a ride. I have mixed results with Baxter (which seem to predate this book log), including bouncing hard off of Flux, but I liked this a lot.

He manages to deal with some very big issues, including the final resolution of the Fermi Paradox and related issues. Several interesting alien species, lots of future history of humanity, heroism and such. Very fine indeed.

Pretty darned dark, too.

There's a third book. I don't see what it can do, though.

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