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Book Note: Ernest Bramah, Four Max Carrados Detective Stories

I read this book about 18-Mar-2011. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 1914. This note was last modified Sunday, 08-May-2011 18:50:50 PDT.

This note does not contain major spoilers for the book.


I know of Bramah for his Kai Lung stories of ancient China. But when checking him in Project Gutenberg, it turns out he wrote other things as well. This and some other collections even seem to still be in print.

Max Carrados is a blind man who has trained his other senses and his memory to the point that he's more aware of what's going on around him than most sighted people. A friend is an "inquiry agant", a private detective; and he involves Carrados in various caes. The series ends up being basically about cases Carrados handles, with his friend as a minor character.

Sometimes the author gives us all the facts, sometimes not. Sometimes Carrados explains how he knows things, sometimes not.

I don't really find them believable, but I find them fun.


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