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Book Note: Steven Brust, Sethra Lavode

I read this book about 19-May-2004. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 2004. This note was last modified Friday, 21-May-2004 01:07:01 PDT.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


Final book of The Viscount of Adrilankha. A Paarfi romance.

I'm really enjoying this so far. It's got a good flow, and I haven't lost track of any important details yet that I've noticed. And as always I'm enjoying Paarfi's prose.

We've seen the beginning of Morollan's never-ending house-party. We've seen Piro reconciled with Khavren, at least to the extent of talking civily and exchanging embraces. We've seen Sethra point out to Khavren that he shouldn't try his excuse of being old and tired on her. And we've seen a Teckla servant girl discover that the visitor asking admission is the Enchantress of Dzur Mountain herself.

And we're working our way through a series of coincidences that are going to save the Empire. This is connected to something of a discussion of "historiology", in which Paarfi suggests that there are libraries full of books about whether history is made by men or vice versa.

I don't think I'm going to tell you about anybody important dying, or big spoilers like that. At the moment I think I liked this the best of the three. Of course, being the last, it gets most of the payoffs, so that makes sense.

Taking off the dust jacket, I noticed that the actual binding has the title and author stamped in a remarkable metallic lavender; and that the spine stamping gives Steven his "P.J.F.". Which reminds me again that the dust jacket has an illustration of some chick who is most certainly not Sethra.

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