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Book Note: Edmund Crispin, The Glimpses of the Moon

I read this book about 8-Sep-2001. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 1972. This note was last modified Saturday, 03-May-2014 08:23:56 PDT.

This is book 10 of the "Gervase Fen" series.

This note does not contain major spoilers for the book.


So I'm reading another of the Gervase Fen books. This one can't come next in sequence, I don't think, but the editions I have give no hints about that.

This time, Fen has rented a cottage in the country for a while. I think there's a definite aspect of "make fun of the funny country people" in the book, accents and all. His wife from the first book is absent without explanation or reference.

This is what I was reading on Tuesday, 11-Sep-2001, when the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked. It's slowed my reading somewhat.

This was a lot like the first one I read. Uneven. Some very nice bits here and there, and never notably clumsy or stupid. But doesn't flow, somehow. It has another good-sized crowd of very VERY quirky characters, all rather well drawn.

The title is never explained or referenced. Moons and glimpses do not feature in the story. It's the title of a piece by Edith Wharton, perhaps if I'd read it it'd be obvious why he wanted to use it.

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