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Book Note: W.E.B. Griffin, The Investigators

I read this book about 22-Nov-2002. I've read this book before. The book is copyright 1997. This note was last modified Saturday, 03-May-2014 21:33:44 PDT.

This is book 7 of the "Badge of Honor" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


According to the library, I hadn't found this book yet. Seems unlikely, we'll see if it's familiar. I may have borrowed a copy when it came out or something. Ah; I see a familiar bit on the second page, the "very ugly female" pulling a bank robbery. With unshaved legs under her stockings. I think I probably have read this before. I'm assuming the robber was cross-dressed, of course.

Yep. And I really have read this; probably borrowed a friend's hardcover when it was new, and never got around to picking up a paperback for the library until just now.

I'd say another good one. It has some of the same annoying recapitulation, but I'm learning to skim that pretty fast. It has Matt falling in instantaneous love, which seems to be a recurring Griffin theme. It's one of the things he works with regularly that seems extremely unrealistic to me—especially since he often shows the people staying together for a long time. In fact Matt is so taken this time that he engages in conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. I guess it's his punishment that the girl gets shot right at the end, or maybe it's the only way the author could figure to salvage the career of anybody involved.

Also a nice reminder of why one should not rape the grand-daughters of top mafiosi.

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