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Book Note: Marshall Karp, NYPD Red 4

I read this book about 1-Mar-2017. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 2016. This note was last modified Friday, 03-Mar-2017 19:57:27 PST.

This is book 4 of the "NYPD Red" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


By James Patterson and Marshall Karp; all the NYPD Red books so far seem to be with Karp.

We have a clever and diabolical jewel heist. The eight million dollar necklace is stolen by its designer, off the neck of the actress wearing it at a big premiere. Only, due to using inferior contractors, she's killed. So that complicates things.

So the designer is digging out from that, and eventually killing his brother. The woman wasn't wearing the real necklace, but a fake that nobody knew existed; the plan was for it to be an insurance fraud, with the stones recut and sold after the fake is stolen. Due to the screwed-up robbery, the fake necklace eventually ends up in the hands of a retired grifter (a rather nice character) and her half-wit son.

The other half of the plot is Kylie's husband falling off the wagon again, and Zach moving forward with his police psychologist girlfriend and actually avoiding romantic involvement with Kylie.


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