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Book Note: Robert B. Parker, Hugger Mugger (#2)

I read this book about 14-Nov-2003. I've read this book before. The book is copyright 2000. This note was last modified Tuesday, 06-May-2014 15:29:19 PDT.

This is book 27 of the "Spenser" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


I read this relatively recently, but it's right in sequence here I think, so I included it.

Spenser gets a job to protect a racehorse, and ends up having to deal with a murder in an extremely dysfunctional family. The daughter who appeared best at first turns out to be one of the worst, too.

There's a funny break in the middle here he's fired from that job and works on another one, where he screws over his employer to help her nanny and her boyfriend (which was probably the right thing to do in the circumstances). It's still a total distraction from the main story.

He and Susan are still disgustingly smug.

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