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Book Note: James H. Schmitz, Agent of Vega

I read this book about 9-Nov-2001. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 1949. This note was last modified Saturday, 19-Aug-2006 10:50:42 PDT.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


Yes, this is the infamous "edited" version (Baen books). I haven't taken the trouble to obtain both editions and compare them. Eric Flint says that the changes are nearly all very minor editorial corrections, and I see no reason to doubt him. I'd still prefer it hadn't been done that way, but obviously I don't consider this edition unacceptable.

This is actually a collection; there are stories other than "Agent of Vega" in it. I'm just starting the first story, and already noticing that the prose isn't as clean and controlled and focused as Doc Smith, Heinlein, Poul Anderson, or any of the big guns; never mind the brillians of Cordwainer Smith, say. This is particularly noticable, perhaps, after the accolades that Mercedes Lackey piles on it in her introduction.

I liked the Zone Agent stories (the actual "agents of Vega"). Clever people, caper stories based on going in with the best prep you can and then improvising like crazy. And having powers the opposition doesn't much know about helps, too.

The rest were fun too, if not so memorable. It's good to keep this sort of thing in print, especially from a commercial publisher.

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