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Book Note: Edward E. Smith, Second Stage Lensmen

I read this book about 4-Aug-2003. I've read this book before. The book is copyright 1953. This note was last modified Monday, 19-May-2014 16:38:08 PDT.

This is book 5 of the "Lensman" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


Umpteenth reread of an old favorite, near the end of the Lensman series, and written shortly before I was born. Kimball Kinnison continues to lead Civilization in its conflict with Boskonia, and continues to muck things up. But Mentor does finally allow him to marry Clarissa. There's also considerable action with Nadreck of Palain VII, one of the more bizarre characters in any SF novel — a frigid-blooded being who thinks Pluto has a nice climate, and considers personal risk to be an absolute bar to taking on a project. But he's a Second Stage Lensman, like Kinnison and Worsel and Tregonsee.

This one has the lovely "Cartiff" the crooked jeweler sequences, and the reports by Ilona Potter about living under Boskone, and the brilliant work by which Kinnison (under the name Gannel) becomes Tyrant of Thrale, probably the highest human position in Boskonia (directly working with Gharlane of Eddore, though Kinnison never does learn about the Eddorians). Lots of the very best looks into different corners of different cultures.

And opens with a huge attack on Tellus, and nearly ends with a huge attack on Klovia, and the most unorthodox space battle ever.

What more could one want?

Once again I am reminded why the toughest test I put things to, when deciding how to spend my time, is "would I enjoy that more than rereading Doc Smith?"

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