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Book Note: Edward E. Smith, Skylark of Valeron (#4)

I read this book about 13-Dec-2022. I've read this book before. The book is copyright 1934. This note was last modified Friday, 16-Dec-2022 20:59:16 PST.

This is book 3 of the "Skylark" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


Twice is coincidence. I've just run into "Wasn't it Porthos, or some other one of Dumas' characters that said, 'He who sleeps, eats'?" Thing is, another reference to sleep and food being somewhat equivalent was in Farmer In the Sky just the other day. It relates to rules fans tell each other about surviving SF conventions, but I don't remember hearing those until the late 70s or the 80s.

This one has the long adventure through hyperspace, with just Dick and Margaret dragged off by the hypermen. I actually read most of it this time.

Seaton and the others try to talk to and think at and gesture at and so forth (well, no actual reference in the text to interpretive dance) the hypermen, trying to communcate. Their failure they write off to the dimensionality difference being huge. That's correct. But they never even mention the possibility that the hypermen aren't intelligent. They have tools, they use them to work towards goals, there's no doubt they're intelligent.

But the hypermen don't seem to understand Skylark 2 as an artifact, or else they don't accept it as proof of intelligence. Is that a failure in their intelligence, or is it just that the ship isn't doing anything when they see it?

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