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Book Note: David Weber, War of Honor

I read this book about 9-Oct-2002. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 2002. This note was last modified Saturday, 16-Apr-2016 20:17:18 PDT.

This is book 10 of the "Honor Harrington" series.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


Through the magic of Baen Webscriptions, I can start reading this October book today. (Or some time ago, but I didn't.) And have a greppable, reformatable version of the book. I started reading this 27-Jul-2002. (Date read updated to show later sessions of reading).

I must have read it, but it didn't stick very well.

I'm feeling like I've missed a book here. All sorts of recent back-story are being mentioned that I don't remember. Some web searching doesn't seem to show a book I've missed; so maybe what I'm seeing is stuff that's being skipped over that I'm getting the infodump on now, but it's sure disconcerting. "Wait a minute -- an assassination attempt involving destroying the Royal yacht? Wouldn't I have remembered that?" Well, apparently not; I definitely have the previous book. I'll take a closer look and see if I remember any details, but I can't believe I bought it and didn't read it. (Update: I've just reread the previous book, and parts of it feel fresh and new and memorable, and other bits are familiar including bits that I haven't seen in this current book. So I must have read it, but it didn't stick very well.)

Meanwhile, in other news, my progress on this one is blocked until the next chunk comes up on the Webscriptions website. I've turned off the "now reading" flag since it's not my fault I'm making no progress.

Okay, finally downloaded the complete thing and cleared Acrobat Reader off my Palm (that monstrosity takes almost 4 meg of memory!) and updated the version of this book there, so I'm back to reading it. I see that the hardcover version comes with a CD containing the entire series to date, with a license permitting redistribution.

I read it fast enough. Things are getting hot again. The Conservative government is clearly going to fall. How the upcoming war is going to go is another question.

I feel like this was very much a transitional book. No major character developments happen, in particular.

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