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Book Note: Stuart Woods, Palindrome

I read this book about 9-Oct-2016. This is the first time I've read this book. The book is copyright 1991. This note was last modified Sunday, 23-Oct-2016 20:08:56 PDT.

This note contains spoilers for the book.


So far, at least, this appears to be an unconnected novel. However, the main character does come from a small Georgia town called Delano.

She's also a photographer, which is always good. Photojournalist, but just published a book, and is now down on a private island shooting for another book.

As a diversion and change of pace after her football player husband beats her nearly to death (probably partly because of the steroids he's been on to bulk up enough to be viable in the NFL). Not clear if his team fed him the steroids or not, but his increase in musculature is obvious to everybody.

The family that owns the island has a pair of identical twin brothers that somehow fell out, but seem to be both around at the moment (most people can't tell them apart with any reliability). There's a huge alligator, but no talk of wild boar (just thinking about body disposal here).

The old man who's head of the family is 91, one of the twins has said he'll die soon, and he's just ordered his lawyer be brought to the islend, people think to make a will finally. We've seen him sit down and start hand-writing a will, so the lawyer may really be for something else. Anyway—clearly no sane mystery reader would at this point sell him life insurance.


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